African Safari Animals

African Safari Animals PDF Booklet

Golden grasslands, dense jungles, and dry deserts are all habitats of African animals. Most visitors to Africa go on a safari to see these animals in their natural habitat. Many of the species a person will see on a safari are unique to Africa.

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African Safari Animals Ideas Sheet

The Ideas Sheet provides you with suggestions for other activities related to the theme of the story. This will allow you to create a full day of themed programming. Use the Ideas Sheet to take your programming to innovative and unexpected places!

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African Safari Animals Audiobook

The audiobook version of this book is a great way to engage your clients in a private setting. For ideal results, we recommend that you print out a PDF version of the booklet and allow the person to follow along with a hard copy.

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African Safari Animals Videobook

Hearthside Book Club "videobooks" provide you with an innovative approach to engaging participants. When you watch the videobook, the audio of the book will be played while the current page is displayed on the screen. In a group, you can use the videobook by connecting to a large screen TV and pausing as needed to engage in discussion. In a private setting, participants can listen and read the book at the same time on a tablet or computer. Whether done in a group or a one-on-one setting, the great thing is that no hard copy is needed!

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